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Environmental and Recreational Leisure Rowing Campaign Occurs in Ningbo

      A few days ago, the 2017 China West Lake International Elite Rowing Challenge (Cixi Station) was held in the ancient town of Minghe, Cixi, which attracted the attention of many Ningbo citizens. There were more than 5,000 people who went to the stadium to watch the game. “Ningbo is a water town in the south of the Yangtze River and is very suitable for the development of water sports such as rowing.” At the competition site, the person in charge of Ningbo Water Sports School said so.
      Rowing is one of the most popular sports in Western countries. It originated in England in the 17th century, and the world-famous Oxford Rowing Match was held in 1829. Rowing is an international sport that advocates environmental protection, health, and teamwork. It has a good exercise effect on the muscles of the waist, legs, upper limbs, chest, and back. “Sporting is an elegant water leisure sport. Zero-based ordinary citizens can learn basic water-skipping actions after three brief trainings. They can also enjoy the beauty of the surrounding water while enjoying leisure. Oxygen exercise, said Cheng Feihu, head of Ningbo Longfeng Rowing Club.
      It is understood that besides the Ningbo Water Sports School, which is carrying out youth rowing, Cixi Middle School, Shaoshan Middle School and Minghe Junior High School have been awarded by the Chinese Rowing Association and set up rowing teams. At the Zhejiang Youth Polo Rowing Championships just concluded on the 26th, Ningbo Water Sports School won a total of 22 gold medals, including 11 rowing events.
      The number of ordinary people participating in leisure rowing is also increasing year by year. The U-Family & Maestro Club Rowing Club was established last year and hired several retired rowers as coaches, many of whom have national championships and Zhejiang championship titles. In October 2016, at the "China Cup" Rowing Multi-person Boat Open and China Rowing Masters held in Xiamen, the Ningbo Youjia & Ming Boating Club Rowing Club took part in the men's double sculls and four-man sculls In the competition, they all scored fourth place. At present, the club has nearly 20 members and insists on practicing two times a week.
      In addition, the Ningbo Youjia & Ming Boat Club Rowing Club cooperates with the Ningbo Municipal Sports Bureau and the Municipal Water Sports School and launched the “Railboat Movement into Campus Activities” at the beginning of this year. The first two stations are respectively at Ningbo Vocational Education Center and Ningbo Foreign Languages. The school (Dongqian Lake Campus) was held and attracted the participation of more than 200 middle school students. Since then, the Ningbo Vocational Education Center and the Ningbo Foreign Languages ​​School have each established a rowing team. The Youxiang Family & Ming Boating Club Rowing Sports Club dispatched coaches as technical instructors. On July 16th this year, the Ningbo Vocational Education Center rowing team dispatched players to participate in the International High School Ranking School Rowing Competition held at the Shunyi Olympic Center Water Park in Beijing. Chen Jia Nuo and Yang Chang won the high school group women's double sculls competition.
      Located in Dongqian Lake, Ningbo Langfeng Racing Club is a professional club in Ningbo. After the club was established in April of last year, it attracted a group of rowing enthusiasts from Ningbo. There are currently 19 core members and more than 40 ordinary members. The head of the club and head coach, Li Wencheng, is the two all-around champions of the National Youth Championship. Under his leadership, the club conducts three training events per week. At present, Ningbo Vanke Rowing Team and Ningbo University of Nottingham Rowing Team conduct training at the Long Wind Rowing Club. In June last year, Ningbo Vanke Rowing Team went to Nanjing to participate in the Xuanwu Lake Rowing Public Welfare Masters and won the fourth place in the women's double sculls competition in the silver and men's quadruple sculls 500 meters. In October of last year, they won the second place in the men's and women's mixed quadruple sculls project at the 2016 China Rowing Masters hosted by the China Rowing Association. In April of this year's China Rowing Masters Xiamen Tournament, the Ningbo Long Wind Racing Club entered the club for the first time and won the men's four-man sculls event.
      “Now, the rowing movements in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Xiamen, Yangzhou and other places are booming. The local government is very supportive of this green environmental protection and leisure movement. I hope Ningbo's rowing can catch up.” said Cheng Feihu.

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