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China Rowing Association big move! Will promote the landing of 300 games each year

  In the first phase of the National Qualification Point for the "Overseas Rowing China Rankings" that began on May 5, 2018, Liu Aijie, chairman of the China Rowing Association, proposed that China will have 300-400 rowing races each year. Let the sport of rowing become a sport activity for all citizens.
The first national qualification certification training was held in the Olympic Sports Park for two days. A total of more than 40 representatives from various provinces and cities in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hebei, Shaanxi, Gansu, and Guangxi attended the training course. . Training instructors include Liu Aijie, President of China Rowing Association, Lu Binfang, Vice President of Guangdong Rowing Association, Cao Shencheng, OSAMRT First Aid Founder, Zhou Bo, Concept2 Authorized China Head Coach, and Zeng Wenxuan, Executive Board Member of the onshore Chinese Rowing Competition. Trainees who have passed the exam and passed the exam will receive the onshore rowing coach qualification certificate.
“The launch of the onshore rowing China list will be an excellent opportunity for ordinary people to join this campaign. This will allow everyone to easily understand and take no initiative in participating in rowing. It also enhances my theoretical and practical ability in rowing, and I am confident that in the future, more sports enthusiasts can join in this sport and actively participate in the competition to allow us to meet each other.” The training coach Wang introduced to everyone.
  Rowing should not be just an aristocratic event. It should also be a sport for all citizens to participate in.
In view of the early international development history of rowing, the majority of people in China have defined rowing as a nobility movement and believe that the ordinary people have no possibility of participating. Chairman Liu Aijie repeatedly emphasized that the rowing culture has a long history. Rowing is a movement that belongs to the public, civilians, and workers. China's participation in rowing will have explosive growth in the coming years. The boating culture is compatible with the spirit of team devotion and the leadership of the helmsman. It will affect the people involved to be healthier, more powerful, more harmonious, more focused and more tolerant. Rowing boats also integrate perfectly with nature and cities. People can train and compete in the waters on the outskirts of the country, and they can compete in the rivers of the city. The Shanghai Huangpu River and the Suzhou River are good examples of the combination of rowing and urban culture.
The China Ranking of Landing Rowing is the first national single-sports campaign in China led by the China Rowing Association. It ranks with the internationally-accepted personal performance of 2km land racers (dynamometers). The top 100 will be able to login to the list. The onshore landrace China list is equipped with 100 qualification points nationwide and holds about 10 games each year. It is expected to attract more than 200,000 sports enthusiasts across the country to participate in the interaction. There are also group match matches in the sub-station races. There are currently more than 100 corporate groups registering to participate in group confrontation. In order to better mobilize social resources and promote the development of land-based rowing, the China Rowing Association commissioned Shanghai Olympic Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd. as a cooperative operation unit of the “Land-on-Line Rowing China List”.

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